Posted by: David Harley | August 31, 2010

Facebook Scam Info

Useful information from Graham Cluley about some current facebook scams and spams here. Here are some of the message topics he mentions.

  • The SHOCKING hidden message on Coca-Cola logo!
  • SHOCKING SATANIC Message In The Coca Cola Logo
  • Girl captured DEAD on Google Street View
  • These are the 99 things all Girls MUST know about guys.
  • These facts are 100% true and absolutely SHOCKING!!!

Not that I’m going to undertake to name the topics of every suspicious message going around: some are too generic to trap that way, and there are too many for me to catch and list them all (a battle I lost years ago as regards chainletter emails).  Or probably even for Sophos, which is putting more resources into this area than is available to me. Still, they’re doing a pretty good tracking job, so I’m happy to mention again the Sophos page on Facebook, where a lot of such things are flagged.

Of course the common denominator about these names is shock value, but there are, obviously, other ways of exploiting human curiosity. Looking at social engineering techniques (topic “hooks” in message subjects and text, black hat SEO and so on) used by previous generations of miscreants to spread hoaxes, scams and malware is actually quite useful, as similar hooks are used time and time again –

  • shock horror stuff
  • suggestions of erotica
  • “funny” stuff
  • “is this really you?”
  • appeals to cupidity
  • appeals to respond to “urgent” requests
  • exploitation of fear and panic

Graham also mentions an interesting appeal to “urgency” in a later blog, referring to an attempt to panic tweetdeck users into running a fake update.

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  1. Thanks for the mention David!

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