Posted by: David Harley | September 1, 2010

Social media and cognitive dissonance

I’ve just seen a nice article by Brian Solis that illustrates the tension between privacy and the urge to be “connected” (thanks to @FSecure for the pointer).

The article (Facebook and the New Age of Privacy) focuses largely on Facebook and Twitter, and indeed the continuing adventures of Mark Zuckerberg do illustrate rather well the difficulties faced by an enterprise founded on information sharing in a world where some people still value privacy.

And no, this isn’t another hit at an individual who, deservedly or not, has attracted an awful lot of negative press. Well, maybe just a light tap. But if Zuckerberg has really grown up enough to genuinely “help users connect at varying comfort levels” (as opposed to enhancing privacy with one hand and chipping it away two minutes later with the other), he may yet play a significant part in a social media framework that works for the provider yet preserves the privacy expectations of the customer.

We’ll see…

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