Posted by: David Harley | October 27, 2010

Limewire: now you see it, now you… er, see it…

I’ve just posted a blog at ESET called “Limewire, free software, and for-fee membership”  which actually has less to do with Limewire (though it includes links to some resources that deal with the injunction against it) than with sites that offer paid membership that gives you access to freeware and shareware (Open Office and various PDF utilities are frequent targets for this sort of spam/marketing) that you could access elsewhere at no cost. Well, that’s ok in principle as long as useful additional services are offered, but there are other risks when you give your credit card info to an obscure site that may have been shut down the next time you try to access it. More info in the article linked above, so I won’t reproduce it here.

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