Posted by: David Harley | January 13, 2011

Suspended Disbelief

F-Secure’s Jason asks “Why in the world would anyone believe that Facebook is shutting down?”

And comes up with four interesting reasons that make a great deal of sense.

Facebook isn’t the only hothouse environment for bad actors and gullible audiences, of course. Linda Rosencrance looks at a variety of scams for SecurityNewsDaily with substantial quotes from Luis Corrons of Panda.

And Graham Cluley announces his imminent retirement from Sophos, having won 3m Euros from Bill Gates.  Except that it turns out he’s making a rhetorical point about a scam. Rats. I was just about to apply for his job. But never mind, it appears that I’ve just won $500,000 from Google. Four times. With the same ticket. Time to go write my resignation….

Small Blue-Green World


  1. […] Hang on, didn’t it already close down its free accounts last month? Errr, no…. […]

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