Posted by: David Harley | February 27, 2011

New Zealand earthquake relief scams

It probably comes as no surprise to you that scammers are spamming out pleas to contribute to fake New Zealand earthquake relief funds. In fact, my friend and colleague at ESET Aryeh Goretsky predicted scams and Black Hat SEO after the earlier Christchurch earthquake last September, and we saw similar issues around the beginning of 2010 in the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake. 

If you do want to contribute to a real earthquake relief initiative, the Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email (CAUCE) has put up a short list of organizations known to be genuine with the necessary banking details. See I’ll be looking out for other reliable links, as I did with the Haiti disaster, and posting them here or at However, you should be aware that the New Zealand government isn’t appealing for aid – New Zealand is a lot more prosperous than Haiti, of course – and comparatively few genuine aid organizations are, therefore, mobilizing support.

Tip of the hat to @virusbtn for the pointer.

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