Posted by: David Harley | March 15, 2011

Hoaxes: remember those?

Oddly enough, it seems to have been a while since I talked about hoaxes at all here, though that topic was originally the main mission. Here are a couple of recent ones though, both reported by Sophos.

The first one drags us straight back to the burning topic (in some instances, almost literally) of the series of disasters befalling Japan. Graham Cluley yesterday described a hoax being spread by SMS in the Philippines: Fukushima radiation hoax SMS message spreads in Philippines. Allan Dyer subsequently mentioned seeing more or less the same hoax circulating in Hong Kong.

Meanwhile, Paul Ducklin has provided commentary on a clearly fake but comparatively harmless hoax video: Hoax of the decade? Fake Times Square video iPhone hacker a strong contender. The claim is that you can use your iPod to take over video screens wirelessly. Don’t think so…

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