Posted by: David Harley | April 11, 2011

More Facebook scams

Several, all flagged by Sophos. The first is about links alleged to be to video footage of a gory rollercoaster accident variously claimed to have happened in the UK, Australia and Hollywood. Of course, there’s no such video because there’s no such story, and clicking involves being lured into approving a rogue application and completing a survey in order to make money for the scammer. Story by Graham Cluley at

Subsequently, Paul Ducklin has blogged on a story on a Facebook profile viewer scam. These are ten a penny: they try to draw you into running a rogue app that will, they claim, enable you to see who has been viewing your Facebook and/or Twitter profile. This one, though, has a new wrinkle. It tries to bypass Facebook checking by persuading you to paste some javascript into your browser (no, it doesn’t look like javascript…) which fetches another script that invites your friends to join a Facebook group, rather than approving an application.

If you fall for it, it eventually you get to a survey/competition scam. See for more details.

And even as I was typing this, Graham flagged yet another survey scam: this one targets fans of the Twilight saga: 

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ESET Senior Research Fellow


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