Posted by: David Harley | April 13, 2011

iOS Trojan: Confusion Reigns

Yesterday, I alluded briefly to a somewhat unconvincing story about  dramatically destructive iOS malware alleged to trashing iPhones and SIM cards. I blogged about it at more length at Mac Virus at the same time, and started to make some enquiries in informed circles.

No news may or not be good news. Progress, such as it is, is reported in a later Mac Virus blog here. But it’s not particularly conclusive.

When and if I know how much truth there is to it, I’ll certainly blog it here.

More positively (in a negative yet-another-hoax sort of way), Graham Cluley is reporting another chain-message doing the rounds on Facebook. This one, somewhat bizarrely, claims that the way to avoid annoying your friends when rogue applications use your identity to broadcast themselves is to paste the chain-message into your status.

Not really. The way to avoid irritating your friends is to think – and check – before you click. And, as Graham suggests, tighten up your privacy settings.

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