Posted by: David Harley | May 25, 2011

Just popped in for a moment…

…well, I have a lot of catching up to do in other forums after being out of office for much of April and May.

However, I thought I’d mention a couple of recent blogs that are relevant to this one.

One is an article for ESET on Yesterday’s Virus Hoax is Today’s Fake Utility, which explores the relationship between destructive malware, hoaxes that describe (non-existent) destructive malware, and fake AV (scareware).

The other is a post by Graham Cluley relating to the traditional “don’t open mail from Fred Bloggs or the consequences will be dire” email hoax as transplanted to Facebook: nowadays, such messages not only spread via Facebook, but tend to warn against adding FB friends rather than adding email. Plus ca change… Jason Allen / Amy Allen virus hoax spreads on Facebook

Small Blue-Green World
ESET Senior Research Fellow

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