Posted by: oldmacbloggit | June 25, 2011

Newsnight & LulzSec

Congratulations to James Lyne (@jameslyne), Rik Ferguson (@rik_ferguson) and Stewart Room (@StewardRoom) on managing to maintain some dignity in the face of Newsnight’s insistence on giving LulzSec the attention it so desperately seeks. Perhaps the BBC is hoping that licking the LulzBoat’s stern will ensure that they won’t be among LulzSec’s next batch of random hacking or disclosure victims.

Still, the programme had some entertainment value, notably when Whirlpool talked about the group’s ethical hacking.

And I trust he’ll be as unequivocal on the subject of copyright when he comes to write his memoirs and finds his royalties dissipated in a Torrent of copyright abuse.

Old Mac Bloggit

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