Posted by: David Harley | October 13, 2011

Blackberry Crumble and RIMshots

Fortunately, I haven’t been affected much by Blackberry’s outage problems over the past few days, even though I’m a BB user twice over: when I’m office-bound, which is most of the time, I have plenty of alternative communication channels. But welcome back anyway, RIM 🙂

However, I could hardly fail to notice the amount of media attention it’s garnered, and quite a lot of that is encapsulated in a Sophos blog: BlackBerry outage, video apologies, a hoax and Ronnie Corbett. From the point of view of this blog, I suppose I should also welcome back an old hoax in a new guise that takes full advantage of RIM’s fluffed paradiddles. Well, maybe two hoaxes.

The one highlighted in Graham Cluley’s blog updates the traditional “forward this message to everyone in your address book or you’ll lose your account” chain-letter hook. However, instead of email (or even more traditional snailmail) it targets the users of BBM (Blackberry Messenger). Of course, it’s nonsense, and I fail to see how a hailstorm – I’m tempted to say failstorm – of IMs will relieve the stress on RIM’s servers that it claims are the cause of the outage.

The other dubious claim comes from our old friends Anonymous, who apparently are also taking credit for the outage, or at any rate the BBM aspect. (Actually, it isn’t only BBM that’s been affected, in the UK at any rate.) Since RIM has already reported that it has identified a hardware issue – for which it has apologised profusely – I guess either RIM has missed the beat, or someone is pulling our collective leg. Is that really Anonymous? Well, if the group is now focused on punishing the middle-aged for using uncool technology, I guess the world’s more pressing libertarian issues have been solved.

O brave new world!

Well-past-middle-aged user of a mixture of technologies, some of them decidedly uncool


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