Posted by: David Harley | November 23, 2011

Facebook hoax and search poisoning

A couple of blogs have gone up on the ESET blog today that might be of interest to readers of this blog.

My article on Facebook Invitation and the Olympic Torch describes at some length how the old but unkillable Olympic Torch hoax is not only being used (again) to waste everyone’s time, but with an added Facebook twist. As if the needless panic and useless mailstorm isn’t bad enough, this turns out to be another example of articles at – an excellent information resource where many a hoax is documented – being misused to provide spurious “corroboration” of a hoax.

Meanwhile, Stephen Cobb’s article Breaking Dawn, Taylor Swift, Image Search: Poisoning, survey scams on the rise looks at developments in search poisoning of trending topics, with particular reference to misdirection to adult sites and survey scams.

We’ve also contributed articles to SC Magazine’s Cybercrime Corner: Privacy, identity, and the Nym of the Rose is about the conflict between privacy and the Department of Justice espousal of vested interests in social media. In A wild week in cybercrime Stephen looks at some developments in cybercrime-related legislation that also includes espousal of vested interests, notably with reference to SOPA and PIPA, an issue I also addressed for (ISC)2’s blog in DNSSEC, SOPA, and PIPA.

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ESET Senior Research Fellow

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