Posted by: David Harley | January 20, 2012

Facebook Memes are the New Black(hat)

At any rate, they keep tapping on my shoulder.

Earlier in the week, a couple of recent “status games” loosely connected with medical fund/attention-raising prompted me to write about security implications in a piece for Virus Bulletin (I’ll let you know here when it comes out).

Then Facecrooks announced a malicious app that subverts a status game that I’ve seen around a lot lately, involving sharing whatever was the top of the charts the day you were born. In my case it was Sumer is icumen in (if only it was…) by some wandering minstrel or other, but it so happens I had a fair amount to say about that, which you can read about in Facebook, your birthday #1, and survey scams, if you so wish.

 And now I see that Facebook is announcing a variation on the Timeline scams that Stephen Cobb discussed in Facebook’s timeline to fraud-a-geddon? Bizarrely, this one tells you how to get Timeline ahead of the official launch (it’s already happened, guys!). You might think that it’s all too easy to get Timeline , which some of us would quite happily do without. But at least 120,000 people have apparently fallen for it.

This one will run and run…

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