Posted by: David Harley | September 22, 2014

Getting into a scrape

I was amused to note that a couple of ‘readers’ of my Mac Virus blog (i.e. comment spammers) were apparently so impressed by its ‘interesting content’ that they suggested that since ‘probably you spend a lot of time writing’ (well, they got that right), they could save me a lot of time writing by steering me towards ‘an online tool that creates high quality, SEO friendly posts in minutes’.

If only it was that easy. Unfortunately (from a research point of view at any rate), the link had already disappeared when I tried to take a look at it, so I’m not absolutely sure what was actually on offer. Somehow, though, I think those discriminating people who read my finely crafted prose – not to mention those who actually pay me to write (some of my) blog articles (though Mac Virus is not in any way sponsored) – would be less than impressed if I started passing off some form of content scraping as my own work. Assuming that’s what’s on offer.

I hate to think of how much of such reconstituted material is cluttering up the web. I do know that from time to time I see my own material sitting on web sites I’ve never heard of. Which is annoying.

David Harley
Small Blue-Green World

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