Posted by: David Harley | July 14, 2015

Support scams and Mac pop-ups

Out of my own blogs, this one tends to the one where I put my scam-related articles, as well as stuff relating to hoaxes and chain letters. However, since the issue I’m flagging here relates to a Mac version of the support scam, I’ve blogged about it on Mac Virus:

Here’s an excerpt that explains a little more:

Thomas Reed’s The Safe Mac site features generally sound commentary and advice page and has an article here that specifically addresses pop-up scam ‘virus alerts’ targeting Mac users, and if you’re seeing something like this, his advice on how to get rid of a scam message may work for you. I’ve had a few conversations with Thomas regarding malware in the past couple of years, and he seems pretty well-informed. There are also lots of comments worth reading from other victims, and Thomas is pretty good at responding to them.

I’ve included it on the AVIEN resource page PC ‘Tech Support’ Cold-Call Scam Resources even though it doesn’t relate directly to Windows PCs.

David Harley

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