Posted by: David Harley | January 9, 2018

Hoaxbusters bowed out – and here’s a phone scams page

This is actually very old news (i.e. just over a year old), but I don’t have as much involvement as I used to with hoaxwatching, so I hadn’t noticed that Hoaxbusters had announced its official retirement.

The retirement was actually pointed out to me by Joseph Keller – thanks for that! – with reference to a post from 2017 that cited a HoaxBusters article that’s no longer available. I’ve addressed that and a couple of other broken links, but obviously I’ve blogged too much over the years to go back over everything checking for broken links. (I have been checking articles on the ESET blog for a while, but only when time allows, so there’s a lot left to do there.

However, Joseph did point out the phone scams page at, which readers of this page might find of some interest.

David Harley

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