Posted by: David Harley | March 27, 2018

(Anti-)Social Media

If you’ve regularly read this blog, you probably realize that I’ve often covered Facebook issues on this blog, which nowadays has a much wider scope than email hoaxes. That being so, you may be surprised that I haven’t been covering the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica issues here. This is mostly because I’ve been flagging those issues on the (nearly) new Anti-Social Media page on the revitalized AVIEN (Anti-Virus Information Exchange Network) blog and portal, now transferred here.

I’m in the process of rationalizing my blogging protocols and processes, so such things might start to turn up here as well, but the Anti-Social Media is still my priority for Facebook security issues, and here is the best place to go for a full report on updates to AVIEN and other resources I manage.

David Harley

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