[Updated 9th January 2018. Could really do with a thorough overhaul, but I don’t have time at present.]

Unlike the authors of some security books I could mention, I don’t suffer from the misconception that I’m the only writer worth reading in the areas of interest covered by this blog, though the list of my own writings below is pretty long. Of course, there are many articles (etc) by other people referenced in the articles below. Here are a couple of ‘external’ resources I referred to in a blog today. I’ll try to find time to add some more sooner rather than later, and eventually I’ll probably break them out into two resources pages: one for my stuff, one for the ‘external’ stuff.

This page links to other hoax/scam/spam-related information sites, relevant papers and articles, and so on. The resources below are all written or co-written by me.

Hoax papers:

Phishing papers:

Support Scams:

Other phone scams: 
  • There’s a page on ‘how to spot phone scams’ here that might be of interest and/or use to you.
 Social Media:
  • Living the Meme: By David Harley, February 2012. A comment piece on how apparently innocuous Facebook games might be used as part of a data aggregation attack. Originally published in Virus Bulletin, February 2012*




The Internet Book of the Dead: This paper is a mock interview between Dan Damon, of BBC radio and David Harley discussing the complications of a digital world when someone passes away. January 2010.

*Copyright is held by Virus Bulletin Ltd, but is made available on this site for personal use free of charge by permission of Virus Bulletin

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