Simulated Phishing Page

This page is an example page set up to prove a point in an educational blog article. I promise it’s not a real phishing page, though the cat in the illustration may be thinking about fish. Who knows what a cat is thinking?

To go to the main chainmailcheck blog, go here. Or take a look at this paper on the ESET blog page, or the many other ESET blog articles on the topic.


The point of the original article was this: if you clicked on a link to see what and where it was, how can you be sure I’m not directing you to something more malicious than this simulated tiger? Are you sure that your system isn’t already compromised? If you came from the disguised link at my 2012 end-of-year blog at ESET,don’t worry, that article and this page are harmless.

David Harley 
Small Blue-Green World

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