Posted by: oldmacbloggit | June 26, 2011

So, farewell then LulzSec? *


What we think we know about LulzSec may be as reliable as the public persona of the pseudonymous Thribb. (This may strike you as a little rich coming from an obvious pseudonym, but hopefully Mr Harley will vouch for my essential reliability.)

The arch nautical naughtiness of the group’s press releases and tweets, with their whiff of anarchic, teenage amorality and a certain confusion about the “ethical” grounding of their targeting of their victims: perhaps we’ll be able to judge how accurately they really reflect the group’s culture when and if law enforcement agencies actually close in on them and remove some masks.

In the meantime, I’m not inclined to place too much trust in anything I hear from LulzSec, Whirlpool, or anyone representing themselves as associated with the group. Entertaining though it may be to see various parties trying to interpret what the “final” Press Release is really saying about the motives and future plans of the group’s members, I don’t put any more faith in it than the group itself does, if we can put any trust at all into its most recent tweet (at the moment of writing):

Oh, oh, finally! Media, please be sure to report on the actual files we leaked, not just our silly press statement. Much love. ❤ Ciao. ❤

Media manipulators to the last. (The last? Hmmm…..)

The leaked files seem to be the usual ragbag of (mostly) login data from sources ranging from various government, military and Big Business, to hundreds of thousands of gamers whose details are, apparently, fair game.

LulzSec may see themselves as anarchist heroes, but they look to me less like V for Vendetta and more like a packrat colony. But less likeable. 

Old Mac 


  1. Unsung heroes or menace? Their actions are like a shooting spree without the dead bodies. They are just proving what many of us already know – computer security is a joke.

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