Posted by: David Harley | April 27, 2018

Microsoft on support scams – plus, assessing gullibility

Erik Wahlstrom for Microsoft talks about tech support scams, the volume of complaints Microsoft receives, and the partnerships it has built in an effort to reduce their impact. Worth reading. Teaming up in the war on tech support scams. Some commentary and basic advice from Graham Cluley: Reports of tech support scams rocket, earning handsome returns for fraudsters.

Homeland Security News Wire: Tool measures individuals’ likelihood to fall for internet scams. Taking a look at the actual survey, I find it hard to assess the validity of the questions, despite (or perhaps because of) my academic and professional background. There are a lot of questions there I simply wouldn’t choose to answer. Still, the paper is interesting: We will make you like our research: The development of a susceptibility-to-persuasion scale [Update: commentary from ESET: This test will tell you how likely you are to fall for fraud]

David Harley

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