Posted by: David Harley | January 14, 2019

DVLA ‘tax disk’ scams

Having seen a fake DVLA text message today, I thought I’d remind you that the DVLA does not send text message asking for personal data or payment details. The one I saw today simply asked the recipient to log into a dodgy URL to respond to an ‘urgent’ message, but since the message has already been deleted I can’t give you further details. However, the DVLA has said, in response to a previous set of scam messages: “…if you receive anything purporting to be from DVLA don’t open any links and delete the email or text immediately.” I’m sure if the DVLA really wants to contact you, they’ll send you a letter…

Here’s the DVLA warning from 2016:  Scam warning for DVLA customers

And here’s an article by Paul Ducklin for Sophos that isn’t about the DVLA scams, but is certainly relevant: Got an SMS offering $$$ refund? Don’t fall for it…

David Harley

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